I have studied at 3 different colleges while receiving an associates degree in architecture from Illinois Central College, a bachelors degree from Northern Illinois University, and a masters degree at Northern Illinois University.

Teaching Experience

NIU - Coms 358 Fall 2009 - Spring 2011

Examination of basic theories and principles of video production in the field beginning with an understanding of visual aesthetics and image analysis. Application exercises include, digital image manipulation, video production, and digital editing. Students will learn the proper way to shoot and edit video with a prosumer camera and the Final Cut Pro editing system. Proper lighting technique, microphone use, camera and lense use and manipulation, and proper editing methods are explored.

NIU - Coms 359 Fall 2016 and Fall 2011

Technologies and techniques of interactive and multimedia production. Critical readings of interactive media in web-page formats and practice in the production process, designing, writing, and producing interactive programs. Emphasis on content design for a variety of applications (i.e. entertainment, education, corporate communication) and platforms. This course will test the students skills in the form of new media, through interactions with clients and the production of websites using html, css, and javascript.